1-Month Anniversary as New Owners

Hello everyone!

We wanted to send a note reflecting on our 1st month as owners of We Rock The Spectrum Fenton! This has certainly been a month of change. If you had told me in September that we would be typing out a note to all of our customers that visit our kid’s gym on November 1st, we would not have believed a word of it. While there have been some challenges this month, the hardest has been figuring out a balance of work and home. Cora and Christopher are adjusting to the new schedules. Cora, 10, joins us most afternoons to ensure that the equipment still meets her high standards and Christopher, 17, has even been helping with clean up when his social life permits.

Some changes have been made this month. The vending machine is gone. We now have a small refrigerator with cold drinks and some snacks that are available on top of the fridge out of the reach of little fingers. Let us know if you have any special requests that we can keep on hand. We have a new machine that we are using to clean the gym floor multiple times per week. We also have some new toys to play with that have been popular. In the near future, we will replace the trampoline with a new spring free model!

Some of you have probably noticed that Melissa often has a 2nd laptop out on the counter when she is in the gym. She is still working as a programmer part time to help make ends meet. We are making the best of it and she squeezes in some programming when time allows!

We want to share a few of the things we have learned this month and who we learned them from. Carol taught us that she is always right and we are not. David taught us that listening to the same song over and over is cool. Finn taught us how NOT to do a flip on the trampoline. Zed taught us how to build an excellent tower with magnets. Melanie taught us the proper way to make new friends. Abdullah taught us that swinging must be done with as much force as humanly possible. Starla showed us that you should not be shy about trying on play clothes and more is ALWAYS better. Lucy reminded us of the joy of imaginative play. Liliana showed us the importance of the grandparent-grandchild bond. Jesse demonstrated thoughtfulness and caring by always holding the door when help is needed.But the thing that all of you have taught is how much the gym means to you and your families!

We want to hear your feedback, both good and bad! Please let us know how we can improve, your suggestions are always appreciated. We know that Tom left some really big shoes to fill. All we can do is try to let you guys know how much we want to be a small part of your lives and keep those kids healthy and happy!