Challenges for Autism Parents in Birthday Party Planning

Our son is turning 10 very soon. Every year since he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we have hosted awesome birthday parties for him and invited lots of kids. We know our son is different and we really want kids his age to have fun at his parties. We have done bowling. We have done a Minecraft theme including exploding TNT (Mentos in Diet Coke bottles – try it! It’s fun!). We have heard kids say “this is the best party ever!”

We also always try to set our son up for success at his birthday parties. We schedule for the best time of day for him to minimize meltdown opportunities. We let him decide when to open presents. We practice saying thank you even if he doesn’t like the gift or has the exact same item at home. We ensure the party doesn’t have too many kids or last too long to minimize sensory overload. These are smart ideas for any kids but especially for those on the spectrum.

One of the main reasons we opened We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym in Fenton is because all children of all abilities are welcome and accepted. And guess where our son’s birthday party will be this year? That’s right! At our gym! We are excited to share this awesome indoor playground with his friends and their families. Kids will enjoy jumping on the trampoline, zipping across the gym on our 40 foot zipline and soaring on our many swings. There will also be an arts & crafts activity available if kids want to express more of their creative side. And, of course, the party room will have an awesome cake (maybe another Minecraft landscape?)! Maybe this year one of the kids will reciprocate and invite our son to a birthday party. That would be amazing.

Of course, birthday parties at our gym are not just for special needs kids. We have already hosted parties for neuro-typical kiddos and they had a blast! We make it really easy for you and offer lots of different package options. Give us a call to reserve your party today!