How to Handle Sensory Issues and Halloween Costumes

Choosing a Halloween costume for a kid on the spectrum and/or with sensory issues is tough! Kindergarten was the last year Noland wore a “traditional” Halloween costume. He made a really cute Mario! But by the next Halloween, he had developed sensory issues with most clothing. On top of that, his interests are so narrow it rules out a lot of popular costume ideas. So what’s a parent of a sensory kiddo to do?

Well, every sensory child is different, but we have tried to choose Halloween costumes that are basically just regular clothes (without tags, no itchy seams, etc!). For first grade, he wore his Tae Kwon Do uniform. He was used to this and it made for an easy costume! For second grade, he wore a pair of skeleton pajamas – nothing on his face or head. Third grade, we created a Minecraft Creeper “costume” from a pair of dark green sweatpants (tag removed) and a Minecraft Creeper hoodie (tag removed). If he wanted, the hoodie could zip up all the way over his face as it had mesh “eye” holes to see out of. Last year, Noland came up with his costume idea completely on his own. His grandparents had given him a stuffed Hobbes tiger (from the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes) so he decided to go as Calvin. This meant a red & blue striped shirt which was ordered from Amazon and dark blue athletic pants (we gave up on jeans a long time ago for him). The surprise was he actually let us style his hair in “spikes” and spray paint it yellow like Calvin. Now, he has very dark hair so it didn’t look real yellow, but he loved it. We are still discussing a Halloween costume for this year.


So, here are some ideas for Halloween costumes for your sensory kids:

  • What costume is basically regular clothing? Think Cardinals or Blues fan, Halloween pajamas, etc.
  • Does your child participate in a sport? Have them wear their sport uniform.
  • What are they interested in? They might be more willing to wear a costume from something they are passionate about. Just modify it to fit their sensory needs.

And, of course, be flexible. If they don’t want to wear something on their head, then fine. If they don’t want makeup on their face, then fine. If they only want to wear the top to a costume and not the pants, then fine. As you know, flexibility is key to keeping our sensory kiddos happy!
We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym in Fenton is having a Rockin’ Halloween Party on Saturday, October 29th from 4-6pm. We will have games, crafts and treats. All kids and all abilities are welcome. They can wear their costume….or not! At We Rock, we get it. We just want our kids to have fun in a safe, accepting place!

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