Summer Plans for Kids with Autism

School is out and we just finalized summer plans for our son with autism. In years past, we have done a variety of summer camps. For a couple of years, we did the summer camp offered through our school district. This worked really well for us because they were familiar with him and his IEP. We always set the camp staff and him up for success by having an intake meeting prior to camp to give updates on our son’s current behaviors and triggers so they were fully prepared. However, he didn’t enjoy this camp because they had multiple topics during the day and we were lucky if he was interested in even one of them.

So last year, we decided to do a variety of different camps that we thought would interest him – chess, legos, swimming, etc. To prepare the camp staff, we reached out via email and/or phone prior to the camp to help them understand our son. All of the camps appreciated we were pro-active in sharing this type of information with them. But this was the first time we had a camp say they were not prepared to handle our son if he showcased any aggressive behaviors and asked that we not send him. They did refund our money but we were stunned. If we hadn’t said anything, he might have attended the camp and done just fine. But we also know there could have been behavior problems. We appreciated them being upfront and honest with us, but it really hurt our hearts that he was excluded because of his medical condition.

At We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym in Fenton, we offer summer camps for all kids of all abilities. In fact, we encourage parents who have never sent their special needs child to summer camp to give us a try! It will give you a much needed break and your child will benefit from our inclusiveness and opportunities for social interactions as they play alongside kids of all abilities. And if your child needs one-to-one care while attending summer camp, we will work with you to secure that care for your child.

We also offer flexible scheduling as we take reservations by session – not by day or week. We have morning sessions from 9am to 12pm and afternoon sessions from 12pm to 3pm. There will be unstructured play in our sensory gym, games, arts & crafts and a healthy snack. Call us now at 636-529-8282 to reserve your child a spot!

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